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Dynamic Integration


"an approach to inhabiting and animating the body as it was designed; with least effort for maximum performance"

Awaken the Freedom of Choice

What is it?

Dynamic Integration Technique (DIT) is a somatic modality accessing natural patterns of movement inherent in the body. It allows the individual to find the dynamic balance and integrated movement fundamental to efficient, easy, effective use of the body in daily tasks such as standing and walking, to specialized functions such as golf, riding, running, swimming, dancing, and yoga.

 DIT follows the basic natural law of least effort for maximum result. The body, like everything in the natural world, developed for efficiency. What is unuseful becomes unused. Waste falls by the wayside and we are left with the simplest effective patterns. Individual development, over a given lifetime and with given circumstances, presents unique patterns that overlay the inherent simplicity, yet the ease and freedom of dynamic balance and integrated functional efficiency is uniquely accessible.

Heidi Rocke, E-RYT, YACEP

Heidi holds a Bachelor's in Journalism from New York University as well as a Bachelor's in Health Science and Master's in Oriental Medicine from the Atlantic Institute of Oriental Medicine. Beginning with Ballet training at age 5, she began training horses in her early teens and competing as an junior at the national level. She switched to training horses professionally after university and found her eye and her passion for understanding of the mechanics of movement. Her curiosity and need to know more led her to graduate school for oriental medicine in 2002 and ultimately to  embark on the study of yoga in 2004. She continues to research, extrapolate, refine and synthesize new approaches to share her passion. 


"I have been learning yoga with Heidi for the past year and I have seen myself advance in ways I couldn't even imagine. Every week I learn movements that used to seem impossible for my body. The strength and control of movements has improved my swimming and weight lifting.

As a Structural Integration Practitioner I have a good understanding of structure and biomechanics so I understand the value of of learning yoga piece by piece in correct alignment.  This is the first time I've experienced yoga  the way yoga should be taught. I always recommend Heidi to all my clients."

--David Ramirez

Structural Integrity Practitioner