“extremely knowledgeable and compassionate…I was suffering with muscle pain in my neck and shoulder, with Heidi’s sessions I am virtually pain free. She has made a wonderful difference in the quality of my life and how I handle stress, and I am so thankful and grateful.” 

__Karen T.

In a perfect world the body functions in a perfect balance of equal and opposite forces. Bones and joints are suspended in a web of connective tissue.Muscles work in pairs, one supporting the other, to move bones with fluid grace.

If partners become imbalanced, movement becomes choppy, jagged and inefficient; tension and atrophy continue down the chain. 

Bystander muscles are recruited into service, joints wear like poorly aligned tires,  our center of gravity shifts and there is confusion in the nervous system.

Our number one defining factor is Gravity. As strong as we think we are, Gravity is stronger, and it is constant, from birth to death. To effectively remain upright within a constant gravitational pull takes energy. But our energy is also finite. We will eventually fall down: crumble, shrink and return.

We can spend our lives fighting against it or we can learn to surf!

The body is fluid in its natural state. It doesn’t just move fluidly, it is itself a fluid; moving and changing in response to environmental forces internal and external alike.

It’s how bodybuilders gain muscle mass.

Presented with the requirement to lift the heavy weight (aka, pumping iron) the body “builds” muscle to meet the demand.

Flexibility is “built” the same way.

Presented with the requirement to function at a given length the muscle will adapt.

The silent, constant, underlying master, however is gravity.

No matter what we train ourselves for, consciously or unconsciously, intentionally or not, gravity is always the first adaptation.

Second is Survival.

Our perception of our environment dictates our longevity; our survival within it. Run, fight, friend or foe, all decisions are based on interpretation through the nervous system.

If the housing for this system is unbalanced lines get over or disused and biased intelligence arrives at the command center.

Growing mistrust at discrepancies in information and a generalized sense of unease develops. We may encounter feelings of depression or outright revolt (aka panic attacks). 

These sensations, in turn, validate and reinforce the posture that gave rise to the interpretation. A self fulfilling prophecy cycle is born.

By training balance into the system, and practicing the use of a body in balance, equilibrium is established.

The body is free to move with its natural efficiency. We find true strength in a state of fluid grace where new information may be 

interpreted without bias or rigidity.

Dynamic Integration is achieved.