“extremely knowledgeable and compassionate…I was suffering with muscle pain in my neck and shoulder, with Heidi’s sessions I am virtually pain free. She has made a wonderful difference in the quality of my life and how I handle stress, and I am so thankful and grateful.” 

__Karen T.


"We invited Heidi to help my husband to improve balance and see if he can overcome difficulties getting up from the floor.  At the age of 78 those are two major trauma related problems. Right in front of our eyes, my husband saw a huge improvement in his posture, balance, flexibility and his golf game as well. 

Absolutely the best professional level of teaching...in its simplicity and quality.  Highly recommend...Heidi will teach you how safely reach the best results for your personal situation ."

__Natasha and Tim C.

"You are the reason I can ride now without pain"  __ Valerie S.

"She actually gets my brain to slow down!"  __Deb F.

"I completely lose myself in her classes. Its a meditation."  __Inna S.

"I have been doing yoga for 20 years and have encountered many variations and styles of teachers; so let me say, no one is like Heidi! She has taken my yoga practice to a new depth. The ability she has to cue you during poses is so special and unique. I have a deeper understanding of yoga and my body now. I have built up my core strength and have developed such a strong confidence to do yoga poses I once thought impossible (handstands!). I treasure my time during Heidi’s class. I am a better yogi and truly a better person because of her."

__Katie Y.

"I have been practicing yoga for 7 years now, but working with Heidi definitely took me to another level. I am so much more aware now of my body in space, I am more grounded and balanced and have better control of my emotions, reactions, and responses when I am faced with difficult situations . I know that this is the result of the deep core work that she is teaching. There is always a new journey up ahead and you never know exactly where it is going to take you! I am thrilled that I have the opportunity to work with her."

__Pascal R.

"I was doing yoga for 2 years before I stumbled upon Heidi's class. It literally took 2 visits to improve my balance and poses that were out of my reach and didn't seem intimidating any longer. Heidi has a deep knowledge of yoga as a science and a philosophy. I have always been encouraged by her calm assurance & teaching methods, especially learning proper alignment allowed me to go deeper without hurting myself. Many thanks,  Heidi"

__Natasha C

"You have taught me so much about my own practice and through your incredible instruction and encouragement what my body is truly capable of."

__Michelle T.

"so insightful, calming, encouraging, life changing, funny, compassionate, and those are just a few of the thoughts that come to mind. Thank you for taking me to a place I vividly remembered but didn't understand the impact or the damage that started there. my thinking will begin a new journey of healing, understanding, and forgiveness for myself and those involved."   

__Teresa H.

“In just one session my whole perspective changed! I was living in reaction all the time and now I can stop and tell if something is affecting me directly: is this really how I feel. Am I reacting or is this real? My co-workers and my family even notice saying I am calmer, that I don't jump anymore, that my words are even different. This is amazing!” 

__Dayle E.